Sunday, July 20, 2008

First Impressions/ Mood Box

After waiting a full year at Ai Tampa to take a course about games, I was really excited to be taking Game Design and Gameplay. I've looked over the whole syllabus and upcoming projects and I look forward to starting work on a card game for project 2. (I've been looking for a good excuse to actually make a card game.)

The first project, the moodbox, actually gave me a little bit of trouble at first. I started off going through so many ideas trying to figure out how I could display a certain emotion from a simple cube. I eventually realized that simplicity was key. I took something that I find gives delight all of the world. Ice cream. I created my cube out of foamcore and placed a thin layer of clay to represent a waffle cone. I painted the rest of the cube to appear as strawberry swirl vanilla ice cream. I then used cotton balls for whipped cream and a red pom pom for a cherry. I found this project to be very entertaining and different to all the others I have worked on at Ai thus far.

I looked forward to a whole quarter of exciting projects and suprises.